Golf Carts for Miami, Tampa, Winter Park, Trinity, Wesley Chapel & Neighboring Areas

golf cartsWhen we started selling golf carts more than 40 years ago at Jeffrey Allen Inc., our golf carts were primarily purchased by golfers who wanted to move quickly and effortlessly from one golf course hole to another. The individuals and business owners that come into our family owned and operated business today are looking for carts to use for everything from golfing and quick trips to the local grocery store to neighborhood security patrolling, off-road adventures, resort transportation and more.

Our cart selection back in the 1970s and ’80s included a limited selection of a few similarly priced models. The current golf cart collection available at our three Florida locations includes dozens of Club Car and Garia personal and commercial carts with retail golf cart prices ranging from a few thousand dollars for exceptional pre-owned carts to more than $20,000 for the most luxurious Garia golf cars. Club Cars available at Jeffrey Allen include the following and more:

  • Onward PTV Series 2 and 4 passenger gas and electric carts
  • XRT Series personal 4×2 and 4×4 utility carts
  • Villager 2 and Villager 2+2 Street-Legal LSV personal carts
  • Villager 4,6,and 8 Series gas and electric commercial transportation vehicles
  • Carryall 510 and 710 Series electric commercial street legal vehicles
  • Carryall 1500 and 1700 Series commercial diesel and gas 4×4 utility vehicles

Garia golf carts are for individuals in Miami, Tampa, Winter Park, Trinity, Wesley Chapel and the neighboring areas who are looking for the ultimate experience in luxury. Garia golf and leisure carts include Garia two and four passenger Via, Golf, Monaco and Roadster models and the Special Edition Garia four passenger street legal vehicles. Our sales specialists at Jeffrey Allen Inc. always work to find the perfect cart to fit the unique needs and budget of each customer and provide shoppers with the golf cart prices on the models in our showrooms. Contact us today for more information on our current selection of golf carts or to schedule golf cart repair or maintenance services.


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