Golf Cart Windshield for Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Clearwater, Florida & Neighboring Areas

golf cart windshieldOne of the most important golf cart safety features is a golf cart windshield. A shatter resistant windshield protects golfers from twigs, branches and other debris that is often kicked up on cart paths and greens along with small objects on the street that can be projected from car tires. Additionally, golfers and cart operators in Florida and other tropical climates use weather protection devices such as golf cart windshields, canopies and enclosures to help to reduce sun exposure and keep rain off themselves and passengers.

Jeffrey Allen Inc. is a third-generation, family owned and operated business that partnered with Club Car in 1980. We have grown over the years into one of the most successful Club Car dealers in Florida, representing and distributing their full line of new and remanufactured personal and commercial carts, accessories and replacement parts. Accessories available in the parts departments at our three Jeffrey Allen Inc. locations include everything from golf cart wheels, tires and windshields to headlights, mirrors, bucket seats, lift kits and more. Golf cart windshield kits and related product options include the following and more:

  • Clear Windshields
  • Tinted Windshields
  • Tip-Out Front Window Kits
  • Fixed Tempered Front Window Kits
  • Windshield Wiper Kits
  • Windshield Frames

Many new carts already come equipped with safety features such as windshields and other safety accessories. For example, standard safety equipment on Club Car Villager Series personal street legal models includes seat belts, safety-glass windshields, wipers, premium tread or radial tires and golf cart wheels, while Onward Series personal transportation vehicle options include a choice of clear or tinted windshields with gaskets that dampen noise and block wind.

Replacing a broken golf cart windshield or changing golf cart tires or wheels are just a few of the expert services provided by our factory-trained and experienced service technicians. Accessory installation, cart repairs, cart maintenance and other services typically handled at one of our three service departments are also available on-site at golf courses, homes and businesses in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Clearwater, and neighboring areas throughout Florida. Contact us today to place orders for cart accessories and/or replacement parts or inquire about any of our other products and services.

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