Golf Cart Batteries for Those in Miami, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor & Neighboring Areas

golf cart batteries Crown Battery has been manufacturing batteries in Fremont, Ohio for over 90 years. The exceptional batteries from Crown Battery are used to run automobiles, farm equipment, boats, golf carts and other equipment. Jeffrey Allen Inc. is proud to be one of Crown’s top distributors of golf cart batteries in Florida, and we have batteries for nearly any type of new or pre-owned golf cart for sale on the market today.

Jeffrey Allen Inc. partners with Crown Battery because the company is known for producing golf cart batteries that are user-friendly and offer lower costs per cycle than golf cart batteries from other manufacturers. These batteries are designed specifically for the golf cart industry and feature the following benefits and more:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Terminal post connectors, TTP and COS, which offer superior durability
  • A removable handle for easy and safe installation
  • A molded terminal anchor to provide safe handling and corrosion protection
  • Integrated grid plate construction that offers exceptional protection from short circuits
  • Fiberglass backed separator for extended performance and less frequent watering

When you are searching for a pre-owned golf cart, it’s always important to know if it has a new battery. The best quality batteries can last for five years, while low quality batteries may only last one year. Our Jeffrey Allen Inc. battery specialists can educate buyers on how to find the manufacturing date of batteries and provide valuable resources on safe and proper battery handling, installation and maintenance.

You can count on Jeffrey Allen Inc. to stand behind the products and services that we provide to our clients in Miami, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor and the neighboring areas. In our showrooms, any new golf cart for sale includes a one year warranty on the engine, golf cart battery and transmission. Full warranty information is always available prior to purchase. Contact us today to learn more about our batteries or other products and services or to schedule a battery replacement at one of our three Jeffrey Allen Inc. service departments.

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