Gas Golf Cart for Palm Harbor, Lakeland, Brandon, Pompano Beach & Elsewhere Throughout Florida

gas golf cartPeople usually don’t consider whether an electric or a gas golf cart would be better for their needs when they start looking for cheap used golf carts for sale. Unfortunately, many companies that advertise cheap used golf carts for sale are not interested in what is best for the customer because they are only interested in making a sale.

Jeffrey Allen Inc. is the golf cart dealer golfers and businesses in Florida have trusted for more than 45+ years. We are always committed to ensuring our customers find carts that meet both their budget and their needs. Electric and gas-powered carts are both reliable. An electric cart is generally less expensive to own than a gas cart because it has less moving parts, which results in less required maintenance. Electric carts are also quieter and recognized as more environmentally friendly. However, a gas cart does offer advantages such as the following and more:

  • More powerful than an electric cart with up to three times more horsepower
  • Better performance on steep hills, rough terrain and other off-road conditions
  • Does not required chargers, cables and other types of charging equipment
  • No required downtime
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week operation time
  • Operates during power outages

Individuals and organizations that need a gas golf cart often look to save money by purchasing a used cart. We always remind customers that it is important to know where a cart was manufactured, how many hours it has, the age of the batteries and other relevant information before making a purchase. For more information about what questions to ask prior to a used cart purchase, check out our “Buys Guide To Used Golf Cars – Don’t Get Scammed.”

At Jeffrey Allen Inc., we have a great selection of affordable pre-owned gas golf carts for sale at all three of our Florida locations. Our used gas golf cart specialists can always provide customers in Palm Harbor, Lakeland, Brandon, Pompano Beach and neighboring cities with pertinent information on all of our carts. Club Car Gold Standard refurbished carts and Club Car remanufactured carts include one year warranties. Contact us today for more information on purchasing used carts.



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