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At Jeffrey Allen Inc. we offer value-added services to our customers, like Consolidation and Container Loading for overseas shipment.  Our team has the experience to build the proper interior structure for 20′ or 40′ containers to securely house golf cars; parts and accessories for shipment.   We will consolidate your product with the golf cars or product you purchase from us and provide custom packing so your goods arrive at their destination in excellent condition.




If you have the need to ship golf cars and product overseas and 75% of the contents were purchased from Jeffrey Allen Inc.,  we will be happy to work with you to get your container securely loaded and sealed for shipment.  While we are not in the business to export golf cars (since we are not an exporter), we are happy to work with your Logistics provider to get the job done to coordinate the container shipping of your golf carts.  Save time and money with our Consolidation and Container Loading Services today.

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