Custom Golf Carts for Boca Raton, Lakeland, Trinity, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Park & Neighboring Regions

Custom Golf CartsOur Jeffrey Allen Inc. team is renowned in the industry for the custom golf carts we design and create for organizations. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s been committed to providing the highest quality products and services since Alan B. Sverdlow first founded the company in Bradenton, Florida over 45 years ago. We have expanded our product line and services over the years, and we now have three offices in the state of Florida. Our products include golf carts, batteries, parts and accessories. Our personal and commercial golf cart lines include new carts, pre-owned carts and custom carts, while our exceptional services include cart repair and maintenance, cart rental and consolidation and container loading.

The new Onward golf cart line from Club Car Corporation fills the need for people who want a new personalized cart. Color choices and other options on an Onward golf cart make it easier than ever to customize a cart to your taste and lifestyle.

The custom golf carts that we create at Jeffrey Allen Inc. for non-personal use usually involve much more than just changing the color of a cart. The customization process always involves collaboration between our sales staff, service technicians and customers to create custom solutions that meet specific needs and requirements. We have provided custom solutions for hotels, educational facilities, sports and entertainment venues, apartment complexes, fire departments and more. Examples of our custom carts include the following and more:

  • Food services boxes with insulated rear doors and shelving
  • Ambulance carts with lights, patient backboards and more
  • Waste control carts with hoppers, back up alarms, strobe lights and more
  • Housekeeping box carts with shelving, side doors and rear doors
  • Maintenance service carts with yellow caution lights, ladder racks and more

Contact a Jeffrey Allen Inc. specialist today for more information on the custom golf carts we have created for businesses in Boca Raton, Lakeland, Trinity, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Park and the neighboring regions and/or to discuss any cart related needs of your organization.

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