Crown Golf Cart Batteries for Miami, Boca Raton, Florida & Surrounding Regions

crown golf cart batteries Jeffrey Allen Inc. is an authorized dealer and distributor of Crown golf cart batteries. Crown Battery was founded over 90 years ago in Fremont, Ohio, and crown golf cart batteries are still being manufactured in the United States to this very day. The company is respected throughout the world for their commitment to quality and the exceptional products they produce for the golf, marine and automotive industries.

Jeffrey Allen Inc. has partnered with Crown Battery because they offer our customers the best battery productivity, lower costs per cycle and a discharging and charging operation that is more user-friendly than other brands. The excellent performance of the Crown line is also one of the many reasons that we use Crown batteries in-house in all of our golf carts for rent.

Crown Battery resource materials list factors that can affect batteries in golf carts. These include:

  • Batteries should not be discharged beyond 1.75 volts.
  • Fully discharged batteries should be recharged immediately.
  • Allow 6 to 8 hours after charging before starting next discharge cycle.
  • Batteries hot to the touch should be cooled before discharging or charging.
  • Only use the connector to connect or disconnect the battery.
  • Keep cables and connectors clean and in good condition.

Handling and maintenance are vital to the overall service life of a battery, but batteries manufactured by Crown feature the heaviest and thickest plates in the industry, which increase cycle life and lengthen the time between charges. Batteries include 18 month warranties, and instructions for battery installation are available. Installation services are also available at any of our Jeffrey Allen Inc. service department locations.

Quantity purchasing and pallet delivery of crown golf cart batteries is offered by Jeffrey Allen Inc. to meet the needs of golf courses, hotels and other organizations that offer golf carts for rent in Miami, Boca Raton, Florida and surrounding regions. Contact a Crown Battery specialist today for assistance with finding the correct size battery and model for your personal or commercial golf cart.

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