Club Car Lift Kit for St. Petersburg, Altamonte Springs, Lakeland & Beyond

club car lift kit From cargo beds and ladder racks to a Club Car lift kit, heavy-duty golf cart battery charger and everything in between, Jeffrey Allen Inc. has thousands of parts and accessories that businesses need to make utility, transportation and other golf carts more versatile for commercial applications. Jeffrey Allen Inc. is a family owned and operated business and a Club Car dealer that people also rely on for top quality new and pre-owned carts, rental carts, repairs, parts, maintenance services and golf cart accessories. We have been in business since 1970 and are now recognized as one of the most successful and largest Club Car dealers in Florida.

A Club Car lift kit is perfect for golf cart owners who want to use carts on trails, rugged terrain, beaches and/or other unpaved surfaces. A lift kit converts a golf cart into an off-road vehicle, where the kit parts are used to lift a golf cart higher off the ground to provide more clearance when driving over rocks, brush, water and other off-road conditions. Lift kits usually offer a smoother and safer ride due to increased cart stabilization and often feature the following parts and more:

  • Mounting hardware such as nuts, bolts and cotter pins
  • Driver and passenger side spindles
  • Mounting plates
  • Lift mounts
  • An adjustable toe & camber

Jeffrey Allen Inc. also has heavy-duty suspension kits and mud wheels to compliment a Club Car lift kit and increase off-road performance. Lift kit manufacturers recommend professional installation, and we have an unrivaled team of experienced and factory trained service technicians to handle parts installations, cart customization, repairs and maintenance services. Unlike most service departments in St. Petersburg, Altamonte Springs, Lakeland and beyond, we have technicians with the skills and training to diagnose and repair any golf cart battery charger. Contact us today for more information on our expert services or to learn more about adding stylish and functional accessories to your carts.


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