Buy Used Golf Carts for Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Neighboring Cities

buy used golf carts If you are looking to buy used golf carts, the preowned department at Jeffrey Allen Inc. includes a variety of price points on used golf carts and a large selection to choose from. Whether you’re looking to buy a golf cart for personal use or seeking to purchase used carts for a commercial operation, it’s easy to find superior used carts at one of our strategically located showrooms throughout Florida.

Unfortunately, the golf cart industry isn’t like the auto industry. There aren’t any laws to protect people who buy used golf carts from unscrupulous sellers. That’s why Jeffrey Allen Inc. has put together our “Buyers Guide to Used Golf Cars-Don’t Get Scammed” to help people looking for used carts. The guide includes information on what you should know about any cart before you make a purchase. Key information includes:

  • Age of the battery
  • Type of warranty included
  • Return policy
  • Condition of the tires
  • Country of origin
  • Electrical system voltage

There’s no doubt that Jeffrey Allen Inc. offers the best used golf cart value, and we have 2 categories of Club Car golf carts available in our Preowned Golf Cart Department – refurbished and used. Refurbished carts include our Gold Standard line and Remanufactured line. When you select a golf cart from one of these two lines, the cart will have a 3.2 hp Power Drive Plus motor and include a one year warranty. An optional second-year warranty is also available when you buy a golf cart from the Gold Standard line, while carts in the used golf cart category are sold as is without warranties.

Jeffrey Allen Inc. has been recognized as a Black & Gold Club Car dealer for setting and maintaining high standards. Golfing enthusiasts from Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton and elsewhere have come to our showrooms to buy used golf carts, new golf carts and other golf related products for over 45 years. Contact us today for showroom locations and hours.

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